Oct 20, 2010

Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you to everyone who participated here and through Twitter by offering your fun ideas for dressing my baby bump for Halloween.  It was a very difficult choice, and while they were all pretty creative the one I chose made me laugh too.  So congratulations to Vera Soki for her idea of the drunken sailor and beer belly, complete with tattoos!  Pretty scary, funny and creative use of a baby belly, which is most appropriate for Halloween, don't you think?

Oct 18, 2010

Sketchbook Sketchy Sketch

Like the sketch says, it was an exhausting day after working, unpacking, errands whatever, carrying around a growing belly, and I was resting on the sofa only to have my dog perched on his pillow, sitting up, staring at me, ears perked and confused by my state.  He probably needed something and I just hadn't the energy to give back, not even a pat on the head.  But he did get a portrait out of me. 

Oct 12, 2010

Sketchbook Project Cover

Normally I leave the cover for last, but this time, since I decided that my chosen theme, "The View from Up Here," will record events around my growing baby bump, I started drawing (cutting and pasting) the first obvious thing to me.  Can't really explain the bright yellow, pasted in giant hands, but in a way it effectively calls attention to the belly.  I do have a love for fashion illustration so I incorporated a bit of that into the piece.  I can't say this book will be consistent with what I normally do, but that's the fun of sketchbooks, creating unexpected things and whatever suits my mood to draw, think, create. I plan on recording a series of events or "non-events" surrounding this very confusing, exciting, crazy and hormonal time.  This year has seen many changes and I hope to sketch all that stuff in as well.  More to come!

Oct 1, 2010

It's October—I Smell A Giveaway!

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season, and because I now live in the center of the town Washington Irving made famous in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I've decided to hold a giveaway. Tell me your idea for a the most creative costume incorporating my new baby bump.  Follow me on Twitter and post your ideas on the feed, or jot it down right here on my blog.   The most creative idea can choose from either my Mudpuppy Horse Puzzle or Princess Puzzle.  Check them out by scrolling down and peering to the right of this page.  And hey, it's free loot. 

Winner will be announced OCTOBER 20. Tell all your friends!

Sep 22, 2010

The New Place...

...is coming along.  Here are some snippets of my studio, some parts you might recognize from older posts, only rearranged.  I particularly love what used to be my main corner desk unit is now a long work table with ample storage.  The desktop is a door I'm thinking of painting.  The only thing I'm sort of tired of is all the black, but it suits me fine for now.  I made the bathroom sign which turned out to be a fun but necessary kitsch, because my guests tend to get confused by where it is given our long hall of doorways. The apartment was built before the 20th C with neat details, so maybe as it comes together, I'll post more.

Sep 21, 2010

Sketchbook Project: You too?!

If you're like most artists who've jumped on the Sketchbook Project bandwagon, you'll have a lovely bio page like me.  I just started building it so be patient and eventually pages will go up from my sketchbook.  For now, check out the portfolio, my big face, and say hi to my first two familiar Sketchbook Project friends, Andi Butler and Jannie Ho. Hi Andi & Jannie!  Aaah, internets...

Picture Book 10

Here's my latest ad printed in Picture Book 10 below or turn to page 75!  It's actually my first too.  Hope you like it.

Change is Good

As you can see it's been a busy summer.  Can you tell by the Christmas-themed image?

Not that you would know since I haven't posted a lick all season.  But trust me, busy busy as a bee I have been.  Went through a major move from my home of ten and a half years (!!) to a bustling town closer to NYC.   I'm still unloading some things, constantly rearranging and organizing, and it goes a lot slower when you're carrying a load yourself.  

Yes, that's right, I'm sporting a new baby bump (don't know what kind of load you were thinking)!  As of today I'm a week shy of seven months along and due right around Christmastime.  Here's an illustration I did for Amscan a bit ago to commemorate what I've been doing...you guessed it, Christmas shopping.  It's a bit different from what I normally do, but what's fun about Amscan is creating art in styles that aren't always your own, keeping things interesting.  Still I do like to put my own stamp on new styles. 

May 18, 2010


I am very excited to share some new puzzle products I illustrated for Mudpuppy.  One is a 42-Piece Horse Puzzle and the other, a Princess Block Puzzle.  Mudpuppy's line of products are always top notch and I'm honored to be among the many talented and notable artists in the bunch! 

May 16, 2010

How 'bout a high five for another High Five piece!

Yawn...been a bit sleepy here on my blog.  Well, I hope to start making up for it.  It's been a bit hectic in my household, lots going on including an upcoming big move.  So unfortunately, posting has taken a back seat.  Well, hopefully this will change starting with my newest published piece of the season for High Five Magazine's June 2010 issue.  The piece illustrates Myrna Foster's poem entitled "A Place on My Bed."  Don't you just love his pjs?

Feb 5, 2010

A Few More Important New Releases

I illustrated a series of books for Picture Window Books, written by Amanda Doering Tourville, about Friends with Disabilities, and am very pleased with the results, especially in the design and printing of the series.  If you have young friends or family members with Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism or Down Syndrome, these important books help children understand their peers who may be living with any of these disabilities.

Feb 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

OK, this is the last time I'll be spouting out about groundhogs for a while now, but of course, today I must because it IS Groundhog Day!  Most of the groundhogs throughout the country, including Punxsutawney Phil, saw their shadows, and unfortunately for us cold weather dwellers, the prediction calls for 6 more weeks of winter. In the meantime, I've enjoyed some Groundhog Weather School book sitings around my area (NY).
(1) Lincoln Center B&N, (2) West Nyack B&N, (3) B&N in CT taken by illustrator friend Jamison Odone

Art © Jean Cassels

Also, I made an appearance yesterday at my local Barnes and Noble during their morning storytime to talk about my book.  John, the regular host of the event, was gracious enough to lend me some of that time.  He also read aloud a book called Groundhog Stays Up Late and I found the illustrations by Jean Cassels to be very beautiful and worth sharing. 

Also, here's a great inspirational blog post from Design Sponge.   

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

Jan 27, 2010

2 is the Luckiest Number

Always has been for me, and now even more.  As of Wed, 9:32 EST, on Amazon's top selling Non-Religious Children's Books category, Groundhog Weather School comes in at #2.  Astounding news and it's not even February 2 yet.  Cheers to you, Phil, and all you furry hognosticators for having inspired such a day!

I will be making some scheduled appearances.  Details to follow in the news section of my website.

Jan 10, 2010

Read Readertotz!

Take a look at my latest interview with Joan Holub, writer of my latest book, Groundhog Weather School, and contributor of Readertotz, a blog devoted to promoting quality in children's literature.  While you're at it, peruse the site, or better yet, add it to your favorite link list!  Enjoy!

Jan 9, 2010

Studio Q

Has a bit of a ring to it.  What is it?  My new space, again.  I decided to switch my 9H space for another, 24Q, at the art complex.  I'm excited by it for many practical reasons, better insulation, better controlled light, yoga down the hall to name a few.  More to come!