Jan 27, 2010

2 is the Luckiest Number

Always has been for me, and now even more.  As of Wed, 9:32 EST, on Amazon's top selling Non-Religious Children's Books category, Groundhog Weather School comes in at #2.  Astounding news and it's not even February 2 yet.  Cheers to you, Phil, and all you furry hognosticators for having inspired such a day!

I will be making some scheduled appearances.  Details to follow in the news section of my website.

Jan 10, 2010

Read Readertotz!

Take a look at my latest interview with Joan Holub, writer of my latest book, Groundhog Weather School, and contributor of Readertotz, a blog devoted to promoting quality in children's literature.  While you're at it, peruse the site, or better yet, add it to your favorite link list!  Enjoy!

Jan 9, 2010

Studio Q

Has a bit of a ring to it.  What is it?  My new space, again.  I decided to switch my 9H space for another, 24Q, at the art complex.  I'm excited by it for many practical reasons, better insulation, better controlled light, yoga down the hall to name a few.  More to come!