Jul 24, 2007

Vacation for the Whole Family

I'm buckling down on my work, tying up loose ends, and getting ready for my trip to beautiful San Diego. I'm joining my husband, comic artist Dennis Calero, to the biggest Comic Convention in the industry. I know what you're thinking, geek-fest extravaganza--guys in tights, girls in scantily clad outfits, and a few fans that worship the ground they walk on, mix in a few toy companies, Manga and video game fans and you've got...geek-fest extravaganza. But apart from all that, I find it to be a place to find some pretty serious editors, incredibly talented artists, and a few big name actors promoting their latest action flick usually adapted from a comic book. It's a great place to meet old friends, gossip and hang out in one of the nicest cities in the U.S. Then again, anything is better than sitting in my studio another day. I need sun dammit! So I'll be vacationing and hocking my wares...well actually, carrying a few book ideas of my own.

While we're away, the five-year-old pup will be off to dog camp. Yes, that's what I said, camp, a vacation away from home and his owners telling him "No!" There's great place to leave your dog in Orange County New York, about an hour north of my home, that allows dogs to play five times a day, swim and do all the things dogs do with no leashes or fences. It's called The Pet Camp. If you're in the New York area, I highly recommend it. The only downside is that my dog returns completely exhausted and a bit depressed, for about three days.

So anyway, I'll be off to a long-needed work/vacation break that will last four glorious days. Maybe I'll geek-out while I'm there, too.

Jul 18, 2007


It's official! I finally started greasing the wheels of my alter illustration ego at www.sorrastyle.com where I will present my fashion illustration and surface design in a big way. I've done a lot of illustrating in the children's market and will continue to do so with great aplomb, but I think that the former fashion maven is ready to spread her wings again. Wish her, I mean me, luck!

My Mac is Back!

Exciting news, folks...I've been reinducted into the world of Mac after being a year long PC user. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the capabilities of Vista on a sweet, souped up duo core laptop, but it does have its limitations. The newer generation of desktop Macs, the Mac Pro, with even sweeter quad core processors, make Photoshop and every other desktop publishing program a dream to run. How did I become a PC user at all you ask? Well, my husband and I are two working illustrators with an addiction to speedy computers who found a need to save (let's face it, PC's are cheaper) and simplify by limiting our platform to one. So once my slow, old mac became more obsolete, we became strictly PC. But, soon enough, I suffered from a bit of separation anxiety and needed a dose of Mac. Plus, my husband needed yet another computer (a 3rd), so he suggested he take over the very nice laptop while I get the Mac of my dreams (and after a few grunts and sighs and 'I want a Mac' tantrums). Isn't that sweet? Mac Pro Quad Core (just 6 little gigs of Ram)... iPhone schmiefone!

Jul 12, 2007

IF Theme: Geeky

Everything about her screams geeky, despite her cute leggings.

Secret Art

Just finished a bookcover for Harcourt Publishing that no one will see. Well, not exactly no one--the book will be distributed in schools only, but as of this moment, it remains under wraps. The educational market is very hush hush about their projects. But I think it came out pretty well. Shhh...here's a snippet of the piece, a preview, if you will. Once it gets published, probably sometime in 2008, then the whole world can see it, well, at least your little sister, brother, nephew, or niece, who will be about 6-8 years in age. As a whole it measures 19.5" wide by 12.25" tall.

Jul 5, 2007

It's July already

It's the day after the 4th and 3 days after the second most important day, my birthday (for those of you who are bad at math and need to make a note for next year, that's July 2). Anyway, just checking in to say hi because it's been a month already since my last entry. I bought myself a couple Bernina sewing machines from good 'ol Ebay--the regular kind and a serger. They make sewing fun, and they better because they are quite expensive. I got a Macy's gift certificate, some delicious Asian candies and dried mangos, cool art prints and stationery, a mix tape (well, cd, always a fun gift), a pendant and necklace and my husband took a few of us out to see Avenue Q. Very funny show! A good birthday so far and the week's not over yet.

I'm now 7 months into freelancing and it's been good. I'm in the midst of 4 deadlines, all for very different projects. Basically I'm working on ballerinas, beach creatures, jungle animals and Santa Claus. I was most excited to get my first ballerina figurine back from the scupt vendor in Asia. I hope it's ok to post it, but here it is anyway. I can't resist. Until they tell me to take it down it is here for me to be proud of and show it off. I'm sure, once I do more of these, it'll start to become old hat. But for now, I jump up and down and say, hey look, cool huh!?