Jul 10, 2008

Ballet Encore

I finally got the rest of my ballerina figurines from a line I designed for Grasslands Road called "Little Ladies." I'm very excited about how beautifully they turned out. The detail is exquisite. I meant them to look like little pieces of jewelry and, happily, I think I accomplished just that, with the help of a few very fine sculptors in Asia. I wish I could tell you who they are.

I plan on putting up a section in my site to show the line. I think they're worth showcasing. It's the first gift line I ever designed, and I hope it won't be the last. Here is the group of figurines. The line consists of these plus a spinning musical figurine, frames, and plaques. They're available in specialty gift stores across the country.


Kelly Medina said...

Congratulations, those are absolutely wonderful. Well done!

Heidi said...

They are gorgeous. Well done!!

Dada's place said...

Your Little Ladies are just perfect! So beautiful! They do look like little pieces of jewelry. :)