Apr 13, 2011

Meet me in Kentucky!

This will be my first work adventure out since having a little one, so I call this an adventure because it will be mighty interesting with a little one by my side.  I'll be appearing at the Southern Kentucky Bookfest selling my wares, but more importantly, giving a presentation on Children's Day, Friday APRIL 15 at 9:30am to be exact.  SEE?  Good things happen even during tax day weekend! Check out the link for more details and details about the fair.  It'll be a pretty big show with some big luminaries like yours truly...I kid!  No really, like me, Nicholas Sparks and Jean Auel.  See you there!


Casey G. said...

Bowling Green is beautiful, hope you had a fun and successful time there.

Did you have time to stop by Mammoth Caves?

KristinS said...

Unfortunately I didn't have time to see much of Bowling Green. There's always next time!

Crayonmonster said...

Best of luck!!